Welcome to the Ushioni Conference.

Ushioni meeting watching over Uwajima

The heavy rain disaster that occurred in western Japan in July 2018 left a huge scar on Uwajima City. In order to quickly deliver the necessary support to those affected by the disaster, the "Ushioni Conference" was organized to gather local individuals, companies, NPOs, public organizations, and government volunteers to share information on disasters that have occurred in each region. I did. Since then, regular meetings have been held to this day, and the ``Ushioni Conference'' continues its activities to confront the phase that has changed since the disaster occurred and to create a local community that can respond to disasters predicted in the future.

Just as the Ushioni, a traditional culture of the Uwajima region that protects people from disasters, has a special existence for the people of this region, the Ushioni Conference will continue to act as a base for sharing and disseminating information about Uwajima. I am watching over my hometown, Uwajima.

Regarding the date of the Ushioni meeting

The Ushioni meeting is generally held on the third Friday of every month, but if there is no particular agenda, the meeting may be skipped a month and not held, and if there is an agenda, the meeting will be held. Please check this blog for information about the next Ushioni meeting.

List of participants and organizations to Ushioni Conference

  • Uwajima City Crisis Management Division
  • Social Welfare Corporation Uwajima City Social Welfare Council
  • National University Corporation Ehime University Social Collaboration Promotion Organization
  • Specified non-profit organization Uwajima Grandma Japan
  • Specified non-profit organization Uwajima NPO Center
  • Ehime Resource Center, a specified non-profit organization
  • Disaster NPO Uwajima 7.7
  • open space kacchi
  • Others (scheduled to be updated as soon as they are ready)


From here on, it will be a contact blog for those involved in the Ushioni Conference.

What is Ushioni Conference?