Subsidy utilization

  • Dormant deposit utilization business
    • It is a system that began in 2019 to utilize deposits, etc. that do not have transactions, to solve social issues and promote private public interest activities. Since June 2021, the Uwajima NPO Center has been working on a project to support rebuilding of disaster victims and the creation of a place to stay in collaboration with local cafeterias, using dormant deposits to rebuild from the July 2018 heavy rain disaster.
    • Usage example:
      • Kitchen car x disaster prevention game business
      • Children's cafeteria business
      • Tea party management business
      • Trouble investigation project
    • Ethical regulations for the use of dormant deposits ( PDF 288KB download )
      • For more information on the dormant deposit utilization project, please click here .

        Dormant deposit utilization business site

    • Uwajima City community development activity group business
      • Business report: From Uwajima City website
      • Usage example:
        • Promoting community development based on citizen collaboration
        • Subsidy application writing course
        • Seminar on how to hold an online meeting