About Uwajima NPO Center

Purpose of establishment

Our city, Uwajima City, suffered severe damage from the July 2018 heavy rain disaster and lost 13 precious lives .

As the Ushioni Conference, which was set up to overcome this disaster, held discussions to share information and solve problems, it became clear that an "intermediate support organization" was needed to play a coordinating role by connecting people, groups, and information. We came to the conclusion that the local groups and diverse citizen activities that were born from this disaster should be utilized for future town development.

Furthermore, as support activities continue, it is necessary to go beyond disaster response and address issues such as the declining population that Uwajima City has been facing even before the disaster. It has become clear that there are limits.

In order to resolve these issues and respond flexibly to the needs of citizens, we will collaborate with citizens, civic groups, NPOs (non-profit organizations), and collaborate with governments, social cooperatives, companies, etc. However, we have decided to launch the ``Uwajima NPO Center'' as an intermediary support organization that will play the role of ``connecting'' citizens across sectors .

Furthermore, on July 1 , 2019 , the Uwajima NPO Center has decided to first open the Yoshida Buns, which has a counter function, in Yoshida Town, which was the most affected by the heavy rain disaster. We will do our best to make Uwajima City a better place.

Business purpose

  1. After the July 2018 heavy rain disaster, the government, social association, citizens , and private organizations worked together to create a better Uwajima City.
  2. By acting as a link between the government, social cooperatives, NPOs , and other private organizations and citizens, we provide speedy and detailed support.
  3. Build a face-to-face network not only during disasters but also during normal times.
  4. By continuing these activities, we aim to strengthen our response to major disasters that are expected to occur in the future and revitalize local areas through community connections.

Implementation project details

The following five projects are planned to be carried out to achieve the purpose of establishment and business purpose .

  1. Building networks in the region (governments, social associations, NPO organizations, private organizations, etc.)
  2. Support for NPO organizations
  3. disaster support
  4. Disaster prevention education
  5. Industrial promotion

Activity image diagram

Image of Uwajima NPO Center activities