Heavy rains in July 2018. The scars of the disaster still remain. Find the future from the history and disaster prevention of the town that connects the Edo period and the present day.

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"Bura-fu Walk" on the map

Major floods have occurred in Yoshida Town in 1852, 1943, and 2018. Despite this, the zoning of Yoshida Town has not changed because it was a planned city built around waterways. Let's explore the disasters and history of Yoshida Town on Google Maps and think about the future of disaster prevention and mitigation.

Bra-proof walk

frequently asked questions

Q: What is Brabo Sanpo?

A: "Burabo Sanpo" is a disaster prevention and mitigation learning program .

Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City, which suffered extensive damage from the heavy rains in July 2018, has a deep connection to the town's origins and disaster prevention. In order to pass on the awareness and memory of disaster prevention and mitigation, you can get a close look at the scars that still remain from the disaster and learn about the experiences and disaster preparedness from the local guide.

Q: How can I participate?

A: We accept applications using the online form .

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!

  • Tour fee : 2000 yen (up to 5 people), +400 yen/person for 6 or more people.
  • Phone : 0895-49-3563
  • Email : info@uwajima-npo-center.jp

Q: What is the meeting place and time?

A: Yes, as below.

  • Meeting place : Yoshida Town Community Center (106 Higashikoji Ko, Yoshida Town, Uwajima City)
  • Event time : 10am to noon (approximately 2 hours)

Please feel free to contact us.