On this page, you can download materials provided by the Uwajima NPO Center. Please take advantage of it.

*You may freely print and distribute the available downloaded materials, but please refrain from modifying or repurposing them. All copyrights to the materials belong to the Uwajima NPO Center, a specified non-profit organization.
  • Uwajima NPO Center Mini Pamphlet (2022 edition/PDF 956KB): Download
    • When printing on both sides of A4 paper, set the paper print magnification to 100% to create a tri-fold mini pamphlet.
  • Carriage Newspaper
    • April 2023 issue (February/March combined issue/PDF1.15MB): Download
    • 2023 extra issue “Uwajima Disaster Prevention Box x NPO Festival” (February 5th, 883KB): Download
    • February 2023 issue (12/January combined issue/PDF2.6MB): Download
    • November 2022 issue (October/November combined issue/PDF 2.4MB): Download
    • September 2022 issue (7•8•September combined issue/PDF 1.16MB): Download
    • June 2022 issue (May/June combined issue/PDF 1.1MB): Download
    • April 2022 issue (February and March combined issue/PDF 2 MB): Download
    • February 2022 issue (December/January combined issue/PDF 1.56MB): Download
    • December 2021 issue (October/November combined issue/PDF 537KB): Download
    • October 2021 issue (August and September combined issue/PDF 533KB): Download
    • August 2021 issue (June and July combined issue/PDF 682KB): Download
    • June 2021 issue (April/May combined issue/PDF 818KB): Download