NPO法人 夢の里 おんがくどう

NPO Yume no Sato Ongakudo


Organization name NPO Yume no Sato Ongakudo
Activity content Activities to promote academics, culture, art, or sports, etc.
Secretariat address

1-785-1 Tatema, Yoshidacho, Uwajima City 799-3730

telephone number


email address

1. Activity details

●Performance and instructor training project

●Music circle business

●Planning and holding of music events, concerts, and classes

2. Examples of activities

●Amateur band concert held at Mima Cosmos Hall

Implementation of music classes (composition, guitar, bass, drums)

Participated in the Seiyo City Renge Festival as a sound staff member

Participation in the Healing Expo Mikan Flower Stamp Rally

Yoshida Town Honmachi Tanabata Festival Participation in the music event

Participated as the sound staff for “Hahatoko Oto no Tsudoi”

Participation in the Uwajima City Hall Lobby Exhibition

Youth amateur band “Muteki Raibu” held

Yoshida Town Industrial Festival Kinahaya Sanmangoku Participation in sound, stage, and procession

●Music distribution from YouTube channel “NPO Yumenosato Ongakudo” channel

3. Group PR We support the creative activities of artists and promote the creation of an environment where people of all ages, from children to the elderly, can enjoy a variety of art, with the aim of creating spiritually rich people and a thriving city.
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