BOUSAIゼミな~るキックオフ 2023 第4クール第1回

BOUSAI Seminar Kickoff 2023 4th course 1st

Activity report

May 5, 2020

Address: 71 Higashikoji Ko, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City Name of organization: Uwajima NPO Center Representative: Representative Tomoko Tanimoto
Person in charge: Akiko Hayashi

1-Name of business 4th course 1st BOUSAI seminar kickoff
2- Organizer (co-organizer)

Sponsored by: Uwajima NPO Center

Sponsored by: Uwajima City

3-Purpose High school students who were connected by the event of ``large-scale disasters'' will discuss ``what is a region'' and ``what is life'' in order to create a local community for the next X-day, including disasters that have occurred in each region and disaster victim experiences. Discuss "What is connection?"
4-Date and time

Tuesday, April 18, 2020 18:00-19:00

4-Venue Each venue
5-Number of participants

Participants: BOUSAI seminar online 31 people

6-Admission fee/participation fee, etc. free

This year has also started!

BOUSAI Seminar

Part 4 of the 4th season!

Surprisingly, there were 31 participants, so large that it couldn't fit on one screen (lol)

I'm really happy and grateful.

We adults can learn from the students' motivation and the teachers' motivation.

I'll do it again this year! For the Bosai Kokutai 2023!

Even if I can't exhibit, I want to go somehow!

It is filled with the thoughts of students and teachers.

Also, this year!

Regular meetings will be held from 17:00 on the third Wednesday of each month.

Little by little, we help students move on their own.

Due to testing and other circumstances, the date and time of the event will be changed in May.

May 24th (Wednesday) 17:00~☆彡

We will also upload regular meetings on our homepage ☆彡

8-Contact information Address: 71-1 Higashikoji, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City
Name: Tomoko Tanimoto (Representative of Uwajima NPO Center)
Contact: 0895-49-3563
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