2021.08.07 (Sat) SDGs study session at Horibata (Central Community Center)

Activity report

August 7, 2021

Address: 71 Higashikoji Ko, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City Name of organization: Uwajima NPO Center Representative: Representative Tomoko Tanimoto
Person in charge: Akiko Hayashi

1-Name of business SDGs study session
2- Organizer (co-organizer)

Sponsored by: U.grandma Japan, a specified non-profit organization

Co-host: Uwajima NPO Center


Learn in a fun way using card games to get started with things you can do now, both for people you know and for people you don't know.

We have invited Professor Masatoshi Onishi as a lecturer and have held more than 30 training sessions to date, providing over 500 participants with learning about the SDGs through card games.

4-Date and time

Saturday, August 7, 2021 10:00-16:00

4-Venue Horibata (Central Community Center)
5-Number of participants

19 people in the morning, 6 people online , 21 people in the afternoon

6-Admission fee/participation fee, etc. free

<Part 1> 10:00 ~

Using the card game “ 2030SDGs ”...

What are SDGs? Why is it necessary? Thinking about what we can do from the perspective of SDGs

Understanding the current situation, clarifying objectives, and creating future projections

Part 1 is also available online

<Part 2> 13:30 ~

Using the card game “ 2030SDGs ”...

Understanding promotion workshop, revision of objectives and future forecast map

Parents and children who attended on the day without reservations also came, and although they had heard of the SDGs , they didn't really understand what they meant, and although they couldn't explain it, I think they were sincere. I was able to have fun learning through games with a large number of participants. At first, I was only able to watch my own team in order to start the project, but by working with other teams along the way, Onishi-sensei was able to achieve good results for the first time. The participants learned that products made with child labor are sold everywhere, and that if the negative chain could be changed in one direction for the better with SDGs , everything would be for the better.The world is interconnected. I was also able to learn that this is a starting point, and I would like to start by reducing garbage in my immediate area, expand marine litter activities, and hold another SDG SDG activity in collaboration with other organizations to create activities that we can easily undertake. I would like to communicate this to people so that they can feel closer to it, and aim to achieve most of the 17 items by 2030 .
8-Contact information Address: 71-1 Higashikoji, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City
Name: Tomoko Tanimoto (Representative of Uwajima NPO Center)
Contact: 0895-49-3563
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