2022.7.25 BOUSAIゼミな~る 第3クール第1回ぼうさいこくたいキックオフ

2022.7.25 BOUSAI Seminar 3rd Course 1st Bosai Kokutai Kickoff

Activity report

July 30, 2020

Address: 71 Higashikoji Ko, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City Name of organization: Uwajima NPO Center Representative: Representative Tomoko Tanimoto
Person in charge: Akiko Hayashi

1-Name of business 3rd course 1st BOUSAI seminar
2- Organizer (co-organizer)

Sponsored by: Uwajima NPO Center

Sponsored by: Uwajima City

3-Purpose High school students who were connected by the event of ``large-scale disasters'' will discuss ``what is a region'' and ``what is life'' in order to build a local community for the next X-day, including disasters that have occurred in each region and disaster victim experiences. Discuss "What is connection?"
4-Date and time

Monday, July 25, 2020 14:00-15:30

4-Venue Each venue
5-Number of participants

Participants: BOUSAI seminar online 20 people, other YouTube viewing

6-Admission fee/participation fee, etc. free

What a year this year!

Reiwa 4th 7th National Conference on Disaster Prevention Promotion 2022 in Hyogo

I want to be dangerous

I will be exhibiting at BOUSAI Seminar on ☆彡

Disaster experiences and lessons for the future

This event will be held under the theme of "Don't forget, tell, make use of, and prepare!"

Exactly! The activities of our BOUSAI seminar are exactly as they are★

I can't stop being excited 💛

We are registered as an organization called BOUSAI Seminar Executive Committee.

2022.10.22 (Sat) IHD Center Building 2F Exchange Gallery South

12:30-13:30 Workshop and online.

We will also be streaming on YouTube on the day, so please look forward to it!

8-Contact information Address: 71-1 Higashikoji, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City
Name: Tomoko Tanimoto (Representative of Uwajima NPO Center)
Contact: 0895-49-3563
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