2022.10.22 BOUSAIゼミな~る×ぼうさいこくたい 出展してきました!

2022.10.22 We exhibited at BOUSAI Seminar x Bosai Kokutai!

Activity report

October 29, 2020

Address: 71 Higashikoji Ko, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City Name of organization: Uwajima NPO Center Representative: Representative Tomoko Tanimoto
Person in charge: Akiko Hayashi

1-Name of business BOUSAI Seminar x Bousai Kokutai 2022
2- Organizer (co-organizer)

Sponsored by: Uwajima NPO Center

Sponsored by: Uwajima City


・ High school students who were connected by the event of ``large-scale disasters'' will discuss ``what is a community'' and ``what is life'' in order to build a local community for the next X-day, including disasters that have occurred in each region and their experiences of disasters. ” and “What is connection?”

・Each school will present their past efforts and hold a workshop at the Bosai Kokutai held in Hyogo Prefecture.

4-Date and time

Saturday, October 22, 2020 12:30-13:30

4-Venue IHD Center Building 2F Exchange Gallery South
5-Number of participants

Approximately 30 participants Approximately 20 YouTube viewers (at the time of broadcast on the day)

6-Admission fee/participation fee, etc. free


I want to be ugly!

I went to ☆彡

Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima High School/Nada High School

The presentations by students from Okayama Prefectural Yakage High School, Ehime Prefectural Uwajima Higashi High School, and Ehime Prefectural Uwajima Minami Secondary Education School were truly wonderful.

In addition, in the second half of the workshop, high school students and visitors exchanged opinions and had the opportunity to actually smell the smells of flood damage. I made it before based on my recipe, but it was completely different from what the students made, and I realized that they remembered the smell from back then and faithfully recreated it.

Also, the next day, the BOUSAI seminar was featured in the Kobe Shimbun, which was very moving.

Thank you to the cheering squad, Professor Maeda of Ehime University, Professor Ishibashi of Tokyo University of Science Graduate School, Professor Amano of Fukushima University, and the teachers of each high school☆彡

The BOUSAI seminar continues, so please look forward to future developments.

8-Contact information Address: 71-1 Higashikoji, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City
Name: Tomoko Tanimoto (Representative of Uwajima NPO Center)
Contact: 0895-49-3563
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